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Growing Solutions

Farmers Market in Fresno, CA | Photo by Sarah Del Pozo
Courtesy of Central Valley Community Foundation

The farmers and ranchers in the San Joaquin Valley take great pride in their agricultural heritage and their ability to feed America.


As they work to make a living off the land, they face many complex challenges, including droughts & floods, concerns about air and water quality, and complicated local, state and federal regulations. Climate change exacerbates many of these challenges and threatens the future of farming and these rural communities.

Many farmers – some of whom have returned to this area to put down roots on their family’s land – are finding ways to use farming as part of the solution for conserving our natural resources and mitigating climate change. They are branching out to see what is possible for the future of farming by mixing new ideas and technology with time-honored water and soil conservation practices.

Urban-based regional and national media outlets often paint the agricultural sector in the valley as an environmental villain. Positive stories about the farmers and ranchers that are proactively transitioning to more sustainable and climate friendly practices are often left out of the conversation. There is a significant need for these ranchers and farmers to tell their stories in order to begin change the narrative and challenge the negative stereotypes that exist about farming in the valley.

Branches & Roots is a space to tell these stories.


A local online media outlet designed to highlight the work of farmers and ranchers living in the valley who are growing solutions that are good for their farms, communities and land.



Branches & Roots is supported by the Media Impact Fund at the Central Valley Community Foundation and the Madera/Chowchilla Resource Conservation District.

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